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la Empresa, cdula (Fsica o Jurdica). No other retailer, Portuguese or international, comes close to offering the same selection and deals that Amazon does. Your order will take a few days to arrive. Its the best website for online shopping to use while youre in Portugal. . You never know which is going to be cheaper, and its worth checking both and Amazon. Precios reducidos y descuentos espectaculares para todo tipo de actividades muy cerca de ti: salud, moda, restaurantes, viajes, aventura. Delivery to places like Madeira and the Azores usually takes a few days longer. Amazon Germany is usually the next fastest, and its often the European site thats the best value for money as well. The other big benefit of is that its in English, but its not the only site.

Correo de Contacto, telfono de Contacto, ubicacin (sucursales). It evens out all those other benefits like the many days of sunshine and lower cost of living. Para conocer las condiciones de cada hotel, haz clic sobre cada uno. Theres Amazon and then there are the merchants who pay Amazon to list their products on there.

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Portuguese retailers are generally just more expensive than Amazon and, unless you need something fast, it usually makes more sense to shop online. This means they usually end up as expensive as buying from one of the European Amazon sites, and with a lot more hassle as well. In both the UK and USA, its now possible to order items to arrive the same day and even within the same hour. Regularly runs promotions where it offers free delivery to Portugal or delivery for.99. Many small, low-cost items get through fine (books, for example but electronics and more expensive items are likely to get stopped at Portuguese customs. Una vez recibida la oferta, se somete a revisin de acuerdo al procedimiento interno, y se les contactar para notificar la viabilidad.

It doesnt always have the same range as, but its a close second. You wont be liable for any more taxes, but your order will still be delayed and you may be contacted and asked to provide the receipt and your fiscal number (Nmero de, identificao Fiscal). This can be frustrating if youre used to getting free shipping, but thats just how it is when you live in Portugal. Some sellers wont ship to Portugal. There are two types of sellers on Amazon. Normally, though, youll have to pay for shipping.