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of your order by logging in and accessing your account. What if I use my WowMoney to purchase something and later wish to return it? Simply fill in a few personal details and hit 'Register' to create your new m account. Who should I get in touch with? Tendam will do its best efforts to meet this deadline, always within the maximum time established in the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. How can I find an item Ive spotted in a Tendam store on m? They will be returned to the customer as soon as possible. Where will my order be delivered? My order hasnt arrived. Store delivery shipping cost Delivery time* Spain* free!

A) Exchanges: when one item is replaced with another. Log in (if you have not already done so). 6-8 days Swirtzerland2 29,95 free! 6-8 days Order under 50 50 to 100 Over 100 Austria 11,95 7,95 free! 3-5 days Order under 30 Over 30 Portugal 3,95 free! Indicate your preference and continue by clicking Next step. Tendam informs its customers that the number of items on sale are those estimated to be in stock at that given point in time; and never gives higher numbers than those actually in stock. 2 For deliveries in Switzerland, the customer will assume the duties to be paid for the reception of the order, which will amount.5 more or less of the total order. Cost: The cost of shipping items back to Tendam is payable by the customer. Your credit card might have expired, check the date just in case.

6-8 days Luxembourg 5,95 free! 6-8 days Germany 11,95 5,95 free! How do I know if I have successfully completed my order?